Okx Previously Tokenexus Review

Tokenexus review

Tokenexus is a world-leading digital asset exchange that provides advanced financial services. The cryptocurrency exchange is based in Malta, Italy and has served more than 20 millions of users in over 200 countries worldwide. Tokenexus offers a safe and secure trading platform to speculate 471 spot and futures markets. It is one of the largest exchanges in the world and is currently ranked 14th by trading volume.

On the date of last updating this review , the trading volume was approx. While rumors have circled the internet of a possible hack, the exchange claims that it has never lost investor funds. The platform’s token security is built on a core private key encryption algorithm and industry-standard cold and hot wallet technology. crypto exchanger On the flip side, the exchange lacks some features such as user exchange metrics and a news feed, which would be ideal. However, most traders use a direct trading view portal so this latter criticism is not game-breaking. Thankfully, traders can switch between the native chart and the trading view chart, which is a plus.

Trade Crypto Spot, Futures, And Options With This Top Broker

Investors can use Tokenexus as a day trading platform for cryptocurrencies and derivatives – 24/7. This can be done through spot or margin trading of cryptocurrencies, futures contracts, and other digital tokens. Tokenexus is a crypto brokerage https://tokenexus.exchange/ and trading platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade crypto. The platform provides users with many features such as margin-trading and other advanced trading options for experienced or professional crypto traders.

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  • On the Tokenexus academy, you’ll find lots of tutorials on a wide variety of topics suited for beginners and experienced investors.
  • All in all, the exchange’s user interface is simple, interactive, and straightforward.
  • Consequently, market “makers” get a much better commission rate, and in some cases – a rebate.
  • Users can log into their account using a web browser and easily deposit funds and start buying crypto.

Overall, the complete set of tools that Tokenexus provides shows promising potential, even though the exchange is already large. With the number of consistent upgrades to their platform, they are attempting to be a place where users can have a wide set of financial tools for a new generation of finance.

Are Us Traders Allowed To Use Tokenexus?

Tokenexus is one of the top crypto spot and derivatives exchanges in the world, and therefore the trading fee structure of Tokenexus is slightly different from other crypto exchanges. Tokenexus’s trading fee structure is dependent on whether a trader is a market maker or a market taker. However, the majority of crypto traders are market takers rather than market makers because of the huge number of securities needed to validate a trader as a market maker. However, in the case of fiat-to-crypto trading, users need to click on the “Quick Trade” option that allows them to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat. On clicking the “Quick Trade” option, traders are asked what they want to do- buy or sell. In case they select the “buy” option, next, they will have to select any one of the supported fiat currencies and set the amount of a specific crypto that they wish to buy with the fiat. Users will then be directed to a separate page where Tokenexus offers the best prices for cryptocurrencies provided by a third party.

  • For the full list of supported coins, you can either check out the Exchange’s CoinMarketCap Active Market section or the official website.
  • He’s written about every type of automated trading tools – from cryptocurrency robots, binary option robots, down to robo advisors.
  • Staking lets you contribute to various PoS networks, and in turn, rewards you with tokens.
  • The Average Directional Index is a trend strength measuring tool that can provide clues to where an asset is in its current trend.
  • Since capital size matters, most traders are market takers and thus have a certain fee structure similar to Tokenexus competitors.
  • Once you have registered, you can log in to Tokenexus using your email ID and password.

Across the entire market, coins are setting new all-time highs with every new passing day. Bitcoin and Ethereum are in full price discovery mode, and profits from them have flooded into other value projects such as utility coins and other top altcoins. The platform has undoubtedly managed to curate an extensive set of tools and resources that cater to most of the requirements of a cryptocurrency investor. However, the most crucial concern for any trader is the safety of their assets.

Apart from low trading and financing fees, the platform does not charge any fees on deposits. You can begin to purchase your first cryptocurrency a few minutes after you initially set up your account. Tokenexus provides Advanced tools for wallet management, cryptocurrency holding, and cryptocurrency mining if you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio.

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It offers some unique trading options, as well as the ability to mine crypto. The Tokenexus exchange platform is available both in-browser and in the form of desktop client software which is downloaded. The more professional nature of Tokenexus’s exchange platform also means that it places more demand on hardware than the average cryptocurrency exchange. For regular users, your fees are based on the number of OKB you hold. The more OKB you hold within the OKX ecosystem, the lower your fees. Generally speaking, the “maker fee” is paid by the person who initiates the order to buy or sell, while the other party that completes the complementary transaction pays the “taker fee.”

Since 2017, he has also written about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and crypto’s potential to revolutionize finance. His writing has appeared in outlets including Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, CEOWorld, and Yahoo!. OKX is not currently available in the U.S., but its sister platform, Tokenexus, is. OKX has a complex fee structure and is a complicated platform best for experienced traders. Among hundreds of other cryptocurrencies have entered the market. Litecoin is one non-Bitcoin crypto that has managed to stand up to the competition.

Even with the options that they already have available, Tokenexus has been willing to evolve with new financial instruments. If you want a large platform with unique and promising financial tools to use once you become more experienced in crypto, Tokenexus is a great exchange to have in your cryptocurrency toolbox. Of course, be wary of the fees that the blockchain network charges you. If you are not holding any digital asset and wish to buy and sell cryptocurrencies via Tokenexus, you can choose the Quick Trade option that enables you to buy cryptos with fiat payment methods. Nowadays, Tokenexus is one of the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide by trading volume according to CoinMarketCap, and has a wide presence all over the world. Tokenexus is a crypto exchange which has been active since 2013 and that was previously based in Hong Kong.

For leveraged trading, Tokenexus offers margin trading, options contracts, and derivatives trading in the form of perpetual swaps with up to 125X leverage. These types of trades require account activation, as well as signing a user agreement. Platform OKX, formerly known as Tokenexus, is a Seychelles-based cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies. Some of exchange’s core features include spot and derivative trading.

Tokenexus review

It is different from futures contracts in that the person who holds the contract can choose to exercise the option of buying or selling the underlying asset within a specified time. However options contracts still have an expiration date by which the contract holder must exercise their option. Even in an industry where trading fees are typically low across the board, Tokenexus has some of the best value with its tiered system. These tiers are based on your trading volume over the previous 30 days but even at their highest point come in very strongly. It’s important to note that you can’t directly buy or sell most of the smaller altcoins, and will need to trade them via one of the coin-based markets, such as BTC, ETH or OKB. Similarly, other trading markets, such as margin trading, derivatives, and lending markets, are mostly limited to major cryptos.

This drops as low as 0.02% and 0.05% for makers and takers fees respectively. The exchange features https://tokenexus.business/ a large number of listed coins with various functions and competitive trading fees.

Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and manage your listing. The rating results published on Cointelligence are based on an independent rating system developed by the Cointelligence team. They do not reflect any official governmental approval or regulatory compliance. You will be asked to login to your nominated email address and enter in the verification code. There isno need to upload any identification documentation unless you intend to withdraw more than 100 BTC in a 24-hour period. To burn the 300 million circulating supply of OKB, OKX has started a buy-back scheme that occurs after every three months.

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On top of that, the app is extremely easy to use and its user interface works for both beginner and more professional investors. Overall, the exchange’s user interface is very friendly and interactive, particularly when compared to other exchanges such as Tokenexus. The instrument page is very basic and inserting an order is extremely easy. Here, you can deposit through both wire transfer and credit cards. Essentially, it is a handy aggregation method whereby users can earn passive income by holding crypto on the exchange. Tokenexus also has a mobile application that can be downloaded on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Tokenexus review

Finally, at the top of the charts there is a dropdown where you can observe the “Greeks” of the options. These are basically the factors that determine the option price sensitivity. We won’t go into the specifics of the Greeks here but Guy did a complete video on that. Using the Options Discovery tool will also draw you out a neat payoff diagram where you can see the profit / loss that will incur for said option. Once you are OK with the set parameters then it will take you to the market for the said option. When it comes to the options platform, the layout is similar although the functionality is quite different.

How To Use Tokenexus In The Us: A Step

The trading fee for the takers on the OKX exchange is 0.10% for spot trading. Also, the fee for both takers and makers varies on the trading volume of the investors.

Tokenexus review

Editorial content from The Ascent is separate from The Motley Fool editorial content and is created by a different analyst team. OKX’s complicated fee schedule is divided into two tiers, with multiple levels within each tier. Below are the tiers only for spot trading, to provide an example of the fee scheduling complexity. On OKX, once a block has been solved, the rewards will be split up among mining pool members according to how much computing power each contributed. OKX offers 11 proof-of-work mining pools to choose from, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, along with tutorials on how to join each. But investors are becoming aware of the value of utility tokens only now. OKB is only beginning its uptrend, according to technicals, and has the fundamentals to back it up.

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If you don’t want stuff like this to happen to you, then simply use a decent exchange based in a bona fide country and not this one. Tor Constantino is a former journalist and consultant and a current corporate communications executive and business writer.

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Rewards – Where you can complete tasks to earn crypto rewards and free bitcoin. If you have the savvy, you can use the platform’s tech stack to build it. This feature really shows Tokenexus’s commitment to being a ‘one-stop marketplace’.

In spot crypto trading, they offer more than 150 coins that when combined with the various currency pairing made available total more than 450. This is a number that is increasing all the time with new coins bitcoin trading and tokens coming on board at a steady rate thanks to the support of the trading platform. They also provide their own OKB native coin that you can utilize for a number of exchange-related benefits.

It is also revealed by an Tokenexus exchange review that they offer futures trading in the form of futures contracts that can be traded in terms of EOS, ETH, BTC and other digital assets. This can be used to hedge a crypto portfolio against risks relating to extreme price fluctuations. They provide ample leverage (10x / 20x) and offer contracts with a choice of multiple delivery dates, including weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. They also offer advanced trading tools to professional investors that make algorithm trading possible.