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Quran is used as a holy book for the Muslims and Analects of Confucius are used by the Chinese. The two books guide the believers on how to live a good fulfilling life. Very harsh punishments were not recommended because they could trigger hatred of citizens to the prince. odyssey essay writing help On the other hand, if little punishment was given to great criminals, people would complain and probably overthrow his kingdom. He put it that it was better for people to hate the prince other than to love him, but his actions was supposed to avoid people’s hatred .

The Odyssey by Homer and translated by Robert Fitzgerald is a complex novel pertaining the main characters complicated journey home from Troy to his throne length of short essay in Ithika. The Greek gods play a big part in his long 10-year journey back home. Are they to blame for the difficult times Odysseus had to endure?

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Wily Odysseus emerged as a hero in the poem, “Odysseus Strings His Bow”. He fought in many battles that cost him separation from his family. At first, he was the king of Ithaca, an implication that he possessed excellent leadership skills.

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He also understood that no matter what one’s achievements are, even if they are godlike as far as Gilgamesh is concerned, one has to cherish the smaller things. It took Gilgamesh a single day while Odysseus’s journey expanded to twenty years to understand that everyone has to discover the meanings of life. The comparison of Odysseus and Gilgamesh makes sense when a goal is materialized in both the stories. Both of them have a sense of urgency and stand for a cause. Odysseus is considered cunning but loyal to his wife and child, and Gilgamesh tries to be immortal, making “heroism” a cultural value in both the Sagas . On the other hand, Gilgamesh was the king of Uruk in Babylonia, who is physically sturdy and strong, having supernatural powers and the will to protect his people . As Gilgamesh was an oppressor, he was given the title of the goring wild bull.

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Moreover, both characters have to travel far away which is related to the concept of overcoming difficulties on their ways to victory. Also, Gilgamesh and Odysseus travel to the land of the dead which was a popular location in ancient heroic stories. A typical feature of epics is mysterious help for heroes to reach the destination. Thus, Odysseus is guided by Circe, daughter of the sun-god, while Gilgamesh follows the instructions of the goddess Siduri, who is also associated with the sun. He saw what was secret, discovered what was hidden” , and also, “He came to a far road, was weary, found peace” . He would dare to do what others could not imagine of and strangely come out successful in such ventures. These tales reflect the spirit of the ancient Greek society, which largely influenced civilization.

Thus, present-day heroes similarly to the ancient ones have to pass a quest on the way to their purpose. As a rule, they face serious obstacles and overcome the difficulties with dignity. A modern concept of a hero includes the traits of a super-person. On the whole, a modern hero is a fighter for greater good of the humanity. One more feature found in both Gilgamesh and Odysseus is divine giftedness. Gilgamesh as a son of goddess Ninsun, possessed greater spiritual and physical power than any of the people under his rule. However, he had more mental power if compared to the other Greek people.

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In the two tales, a soldier would prefer to die than to come out alive as a failure. The society could not withstand a failure at war because it would be a sign of weakness for the society. King Menelaus sends his soldiers to go and capture his wife and bring him back away from the Trojans. However, the prince of the Trojans is so passionate about the newfound love that he is willing to do everything in his powers to ensure that Helen remains with him.

He often altered his appearance and changing the way he spoke and sounded. In Book I for example Odysseus tells the Cyclops Polyphemus, his name is “Nobody.” While beating Polyphemus he exclaims “Nobody is beating you,” when the Cyclops asked who was how to write a commentary on an article doing so . Also, in the poem when he first meets and addresses Nausicaa on the island of Scheria, his suave, comforting approach quickly wins her trust. He could win over and manipulate his audience, which he did all of the way through the book.

This is implying that the Kyklops is asking Poseidon to change Odysseus destiny in other words his fate. This passage once again proves that in The Odyssey, your free will or choices change your fate. Since Odysseus blinded the son of Poseidon, he becomes his enemy and Poseidon later sinks the boat of the Phakains who had helped Odysseus back to Ithika. One way to make sure students have a deep understanding of the text is to have them write essays on different aspects of Homer’s work. The topics in this lesson are oriented toward deepening critical thought and analysis around The Odyssey. Are you trying to teach your students about Ancient Greece?

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Analects say, “Everyone wants wealth and rank, but can only get them in the right way” . Violence was never supposed to be the means of wealth acquisition.

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Try to define pride from Homer’s perspective, and explain what he shows about what pride is and how it affects human life. Finally, this section offers topics that orient students around the various significant themes that come up over the course of The Odyssey. This section offers topics that will help your students analyze the major characters in Homer’s work. Concerning the basic differences that shed light on the peculiar characteristics of India and Europe, Odysseus and Rama use intelligence in dissimilar ways.

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The Odyssey consists of twenty-four books, and is a sequel to the Iliad. The story of the rhetorical analysis essay writer Odyssey starts when Troy has been destroyed and the Trojan War has come to an end.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Odyssey Graphic Organizer, which serves as a pre-writing exercise to prepare students for this essay. Students are asked to write about the epic hero traits Odysseus displays, citing evidence from the text. At the same time, the tragedy has one feature, which differs Homer from other fundamental odyssey essay writing help works. Despite the direct influence of the gods on the actions of people, in some cases, these divine creatures do particular deeds based on the principles and feelings similar to the human ones. According to the traditional concept of the gods, the poem contains the episodes marking their direct impact on the human fate.

Therefore, although both heroes love their wives, their attitudes to promiscuity vary greatly. As the well-known characters in their cultures, both Rama and Odysseus possess the qualities of talented warriors and respect family values. Similarly to Rama, Odysseus belongs to the descendants of Zeus, the king of all gods, and uses a special bow as his favorite weapon . Concerning other similarities, both heroes demonstrate brilliant talents during wars to defeat the scariest enemies and care for their wives. Nevertheless, the two heroes demonstrated different behavior. Thus, Gilgamesh was focused on his power and introduction of his traditions.

She said that the man who would be able to string Odysseus’ great bow and fire it through a row of twelve axes would become his husband. She chose this contest because only his husband Odysseus had been able to do it. Surprisingly, he effortlessly stringed the bow and sent it through the axes . This skill was a character of a hero as well as outdoing all other men.

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Gilgamesh is an ancient king of Babylonian Uruk, and Odysseus leads Greek Ithaca. People believed in Gilgamesh’s power to protect them from invaders.